Greggs Pastiche. 1st sketch for an idea I have for a project about the North of England and being a ‘Northerner’ and the sterotypes, clichés and prejudices associated with being ‘from up north’. This first piece of work will be based upon pasties (a hot pastry filled with a range of savoury ingredients) from a baker’s called Greggs. There is a stereotype that Northerners/Poor white folk eat many a pasty or pie as part of their diet - colloquially known as “Pie Eaters”. This art work will also be a homage to a piece by the artist William Pope. L - his piece entitled ‘Map of the World’. My title is ‘Greggs Pastiche’ - pasty - pastiche/homage … get it!

Another rendering of Slaughterhouse Five Motherfucker at an alternative location for Dlectricity - 70 W Alexandrine Street, Detroit City.

A rendering of my video installation, Slaughterhouse Five Motherfucker, to be shown in Detroit City as part of Dlectricity. September 26th -27th, 2014.